FreeSpirit Goddess Program -24 Months

​It's time to reclaim your feminine power

Lets get vulnerable and honest, center yourself in your heart and take a deep breath and now answer the following questions for yourself:

  • Are you a woman who's overwhelmed work life and has not found a way to enjoy it fully?
  • Do you value work & doing (masculine) more than experiencing & relaxing(feminine) and guilt yourself if you do?
  • Do you show up to life as a man and feel like you have forgotten how to soften your presence into love and express your femininity?
  • Do you find that you give, give, give to other and neglect receiving and giving to yourself?
  • Do you feel like you are in your head too much, too serious, perhaps too loving and have forgotten what it feels like to have a zest for life, to be in your body expressing the feminine passion that you are?
  • Are you craving more intimacy and pleasure with your partner, husband, friends or any relationships?
  • Does your life feel meaningless, like there is no more to life?

If your heart nudges you a "yes" and yearns for infinite playful pleasure...
you are not alone, your feminine power awaits you.

This is why I lovingly nested a new program to comfort you under my wings on this journey to rediscovering and reclaiming the goddess's spiritual power of infinite playful pleasure...

FreeSpirit GODDESS

It's time, FreeSpirit Goddess. The moment has arrived to reclaim your feminine power, to create a life of playful pleasure, where you will find an infinite array of joyful fulfillment to all your deepest desires.

I believe that the frustration in your life is far too vast to stay at the level you are now, would you agree?

Here's what's included in your 24 month long experience within FreeSpirit Goddess

Within FreeSpirit Goddess, each month, we will dive deep into one of the many topics of reclaiming your feminine power:

  • Virtual Zoom meeting and classes each month with Divina, where you will discover how to tap into infinite pleasure
  • Healing by Divina each month, unblocking any subconscious blocks that are sabotaging you from connecting to the infinite playful pleasure and reclaiming the feminine power that you deserve.
  • Monthly book recommendations focused on awakening the enlightened Goddess, to enlighten-up your life with joy
  • Optional pairing with a fellow Goddess for accountability and support and private Facebook group, where you will share your victories, experiences ask questions and look for resources, and most importantly, create sacred friendships with the other Goddess in the FreeSpirit Goddess community.
  • Bonus: 2 fully custom made feminine goddess outfits designs by Divina, from her Divina Diva collection. We lovingly tailor it to your size and your specific color specifications. Its time to not only feel like a goddess, but look like one too!

Take advantage of Paying Upfront (Save $1,200):

As a bonus when you enroll in the FreeSpirit Goddess Program paying the upfront cost,

you will receive a $1,200 dollar savings in the total cost.

The program if payed monthly is 24 installments of $300 and it would be the best option for you if you do not currently have the $5,999.99 to pay upfront. (If this program speaks to you and you don't currently have the funds available please always consider taking a loan or find creative ways to make the money. Where there is a will, there is a way.)


You are invited to work through the FreeSpirit Goddess program as we are now opening our doors to this ongoing healing.

The passion, fulfillment, and renewed sense of aliveness that goddess enlightenment gives you and that you deserve are closer than you think. It is time that you discover how to Freely become the Goddess you were always meant to be and fall in love with your life again.

Option 1

24 monthly installments of $300 each


Option 2

One-time payment of $5,999.99

(best deal as you save $1,200 dollars for upfront payment)


(Yes, it is possible to gift this Program to a Goddess you believe would benefit from it.)

Enroll Below:


Our 100% Guarantee

Our guarantee honors us both, if by the first 7 days you want to cancel the program and it does not speak to you, you are allowed to cancel.  Our healing energy and dedication is so vast, we don't think its fair to give you a guarantee further than this. Its like asking for your money back after a massage or Reiki session or you ate a great meal, we don't honor that. We guarantee that our love healing and energy is safe, if for any reason you don't feel this way at the beginning of the 7 days, we will refund you.

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