FreeSpirit Integrate Abundance Program -12 months

​It's time to create the life you deserve

Are you willing to get really honest with yourself right now and answer the following questions from the bottom of your heart?

  • Are you business owner that has been stuck in financial growth?
  • Do you do affirmations and goal setting and visualization to come up short with your manifestations?
  • Do you work very hard only to get very little in return?
  • Is your creativity blocked, and you wonder why you have not found your life purpose or the creative talent you deserve?
  • Are you missing that glow and zest for life you used to have?
  • Are you craving more inspiration, energy and love in your life?
  • Do you simply wonder if there's more to life at this point because you have felt so stagnant in you growth in all areas of your life?

If your heart and soul is nudging you to a resounding "yes" and longs for a different way...
you are not alone.


This is why I created the FreeSpirit Abundance program to lovingly heal all your subconscious abundance blocks and superconscious creativity blocks  that keep you from having the fulfilling life you deserve ...

FreeSpirit Abundance

It's time, FreeSpirit. Time to get unstuck and turn the volume up on your business, to create a life of fulfillment, one that honors the life purpose you came here to manifest.

I believe that the cost to your extraordinary life is far too precious to stay stuck where you are now, would you agree?

​Here's what's in your 12 month experience within FreeSpirit Integrate Abundance Program


Within the FreeSpirit Integrate Abundance, each month, we will dive deep into activating creativity with opening higher access to the superconscious mind and uprooting negative beliefs in the subconscious replacing them with abundance programmings that cause 90 percent of your success in life:

  • Virtual Zoom gatherings and healing each month with Divina, where you will expand into a high frequency being by transmitting higher energy. Superconscious activation with : Light Body Meditations (By Sanaya Roman) and Platinum Healing Subconscious (By Sandra Biskind)
  • Coaching by Divina each month, on how to use your conscious mind to manifest daily, which is 10% of success, but none the less very important to master and focus your conscious mind for success
  • A private Facebook group, where you will share your victories, ask questions and look for resources, and most importantly, create sacred friendships with the other FreeSpirit spiritual entrepreneurs or passionate people about fulfilling their life purpose. 
  • Additional delicious appetizing surprises that you will discover and love once you enter our FreeSpirit community, the friendships and support will inspire you to focus on increasing the level of fulfillment in business and life.

Take advantage of Paying Upfront (Save $2,000):

As a bonus when you enroll in the FreeSpirit Abundance Starter Program paying the upfront cost, you will receive a $2,000 dollar savings in the total cost.

The program if payed monthly is 12 installments of $1,000 and it would be the best option for you if you do not currently have the $9,999.99 to pay upfront. (If this program speaks to you and you don't currently have the funds available please always consider taking a loan or find creative ways to make the money. Where there is a will, there is a way.)


You are invited to work through the Starter FreeSpirit Abundance program as we are now opening our doors to this ongoing healing.

The passion, fulfillment, and renewed sense of aliveness that enlightenment gives you and that you deserve are closer than you think. It is time that you discover how to Freely become the Spirit you were always meant to be and fall in love with your life again.

Option 1

12 monthly installments of $1000 each


Option 2

One-time payment of $9,999.99

(best deal as you save $2,000 dollars for upfront payment)


(Yes, it is possible to gift this Program to a friend you believe would benefit from it.)

Enroll Below:


Our 100% Guarantee

Our guarantee honors us both, if by the first 7 days you want to cancel the program and it does not speak to you, you are allowed to cancel.  Our healing energy and dedication is so vast, we don't think its fair to give you a guarantee further than this. Its like asking for your money back after a massage or Reiki session or you ate a great meal, we don't honor that. We guarantee that our love healing and energy is safe, if for any reason you don't feel this way at the beginning of the 7 days, we will refund you.

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FreeSpirit Ascension Academy is a privately owned company by the founder Divina Caballo for healing services for the spiritual heart centered entrepreneur. We specialize in activating the superconscious mind and unblocking the subconscious to create what causes 90% of success in business and life.

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