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Activate Abundance Program- 12 month program:
 10% affiliate commission for the next 12 months. 

100 a month for 12 months, from the $1,000 a month fee. 

or $1000 if they pay full price off of the $10,000 discounted price

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Affiliate Commissions


Here is the structure for the percentage payout and how it works. 

  • Full-Pay

    FreeSpirit Activate Abundance

    Upfront price is $10,000 for the product if they pay in full. For a 12 month program. 



    Affiliate Commission


  • Monthly-Pay

    FreeSpirit Activate Abundance

    Monthly pay of 12 month program is $1,000 a month for 12 months. 10% for each month.



    Affiliate Commission


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Here is our contact information below, incase you have any questions. Please be sure to join our affiliate love letter list to get the latest notifications of our next upcoming promotions for your program launches throughout the year. Thank you for your help!

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Affiliate Terms & Conditions

We only pay out  %10 commissions on all sales. All marketing is up to you, we only provide you will messaging and banner to help you promote the program. 

1. Marketing permissible on social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram, linked in, ticktock. 


2. Emails, iphone text message, facebook or social media private messages to friends, family or acquaintance encouraged and permissible. 


3. Verbal communication without the need for banners is encouraged as well along with the passing on of the affiliate link aswell.


4. If you have not taken the program please remain in integrity and only share the testimonials of the home website. 


5. Any questions that your potential clients may have, you can direct them to the contact information on this page so they may inquire further. Please let them know they should mention you as a referal. 


6. All sales are not final until the 7 day money back guarantee is final. If the potential client should ask for a refund, we do not do payouts on refunded programs within those 7 days. 


7. I would also highly encourage them to watch the 5 day abundance challenge should they want a taste of the experience on our home site, please let them know to make sure to use your affiliate link during sign up, or tell us who referred them. 

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